Letter from Publisher Steven Ly 1

Letter from Publisher Steven Ly
July 9, 2010(Print)

I have lived in the San Gabriel Valley for 22 of my 25 years. In the last two decades, I have seen the Valley grow, develop, and mature to a regional powerhouse. In that time, I have noticed that though our area has changed for better, the concentration of power, influence and decision-making still reverberates from other parts of Los Angeles.

I noticed this when I attended college at UCLA; I noticed this when I worked in Long Beach; I noticed this when I was elected to the Rosemead City Council and tried to fight for our region’s interest against other powerhouses. It was through these experiences I realized our need to have our own regional Business Journal.

The San Gabriel Valley Business Journal is an opportunity for the place I call home to finally come out, unite with our fellow associations (like the Council of Governments and the Economic Partnership). Only united can our region of 31 cities and 5 unincorporated areas stand a chance at advancing and advocating policies that benefit our community.

As we move forward in the next decade, we are at the crux of many policy issues that may hold back our potential. Will the Gold Line receive adequate funding, will we ever see the 710 extension, and will the football stadium be built in Industry? These are just some of the questions that our Business Journal attempt to answer and influence.

For a community that creates over 700,000 jobs, controls about $20 billion in retail sales, and has a combined $40 billion in purchasing power, our might is significantly strong. Yet this discussion about the San Gabriel Valley never occurs. The Business Journal aims to change that.

As we move forward, I ask you to join me in betterment of our community. Your interest in the San Gabriel Valley is needed if we wish to bring our Valley to its next level. I believe it is time that Southern California heard our voice – and the San Gabriel Valley Business Journal will be holding the megaphone so everyone will hear us.

Join us in helping the Valley talk Business.

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Gary Yamauchi March 7, 2012 Reply

I have followed the growth of the “Journal” and, so far, I think you are doing an excellent job. Please keep up the good work, reporting the facts, not opinions, and it will be very refreshing. Thanks for your efforts. Call on me if I can be of any assistance. Sincerely, Gary Yamauchi, Councilman, City of Alhambra

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