Cooperation Between California HSRA and the UK 0

Cooperation Between California HSRA and the UK
May 26, 2011(Print)

Board Chairman of the California Hi-Speed Rail Authority, Curt Pringle, signed a cooperative agreement with United Kingdom Trade & Investment to exchange high-speed rail planning, design and operations information.

“I am delighted to add the United Kingdom to the list of partnerships we have with countries around the world that have been operating successful high-speed rail systems for years. This gives us an opportunity to look to their real-world experience and the economic advantages they enjoy as a result of their system as we continue pursuing California’s project, the first true high-speed rail in the United States,” said Curt Pringle, Chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority Board of Directors, in a statement.

The non-binding agreement will help facilitate the exchange of information between California and the UK. According to the statement, the purpose of this is to establish and develop long-term cooperation in the field of high-speed rail transportation.

Lord Steven Green, Minister of State for UK Trade & Investment, an executive of the government of the United Kingdom, added:  “I welcome the signing of this memorandum which affirms our desire to help UK companies benefit from California’s high-speed rail project. British companies have much to offer in terms of their expertise in the low carbon infrastructure and high speed rail sectors.”

The United Kingdom is home to the High Speed 1 (HS1) system, which is a 67-mile rail line extending from the UK to mainland Europe.  They are currently planning the newest extension, “HS2,” a high-speed rail line that will initially link London and Birmingham, and later to Manchester and Leeds.

To date the the California High-Speed Rail Authority  has partnerships with nine countries for such high-speed rail planning and cooperative information sharing:

  • United Kingdom (2011)
  • South Korea (2010)
  • Belgium (2010)
  • China (2009)
  • France (2008)
  • Germany (2009)
  • Italy (2009)
  • Japan (2005)
  • Spain (2003)



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