Farmer’s Field Reaches Red Zone on Environmental Exemptions 0

Farmer’s Field Reaches Red Zone on Environmental Exemptions
September 8, 2011(Print)

AEG’s goal to get environmental exemptions for its downtown football stadium plan reached the red zone last night as the Assembly voted to support Speaker Perez’s proposal. The proposal, which would provide expedited reviews, in the state’s landmark environmental regulatory legislation, to the proposed AEG stadium plans. This plan sailed through the Assembly, and will face a vote in the Senate, despite strong opposition from the environmental lobby and regional legislators like San Diego.

Many experts felt that without state intervention the AEG plan, also known as Farmer’s Field, would be in serious jeopardy. AEG plans on completing its Environmental Impact Report (EIR) by middle of next year where the proposed plan calls for no additional parking, instead assuming that most, if not all, patrons would utilize downtown’s public transit system.

In a statement released by Assembly Speaker Perez’s office, the Farmer’s Field project exemptions would, “[expedite] environmental reviews — fast tracking job creation in the community while constructing a carbon-neutral stadium that will prioritize transit more than any other NFL stadium.”

Meanwhile, thirty miles away, Majestic Realty’s football proposal, also known as the Grand Crossing Stadium, is “shovel ready” according to the company. In a San Gabriel Valley Tribune article, John Semcken, Vice President of Majestic, noted that the fruition of the Grand Stadium plan is as close as ever.

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