Will Charter Oak Residents Vote For A New Bond Measure Worth $47 Million 0

Will Charter Oak Residents Vote For A New Bond Measure Worth $47 Million
March 12, 2012(Print)

Charter Oak School Board Members voted unanimously to a put a general obligation bond on the June 5 Election worth $47 million.

If passed, the bond would be used to fund a variety of new facilities and upgrades throughout the Charter Oak Unified School District. Students can expect the replacement of portable classrooms with permanent buildings, new kitchens and administrative buildings, a new performing arts center and possible upgrades to athletics facilities.

Not knowing how the residents would take to the news, the district hired a research firm to conduct a poll by telephone inquiring to see how the public would react. Out of the 400 people that were contacted, a overwhelm majority supported the idea. Many individuals who didn’t support he bond measure had problems with not knowing exactly how or what they would use the money for?  That, the master plan may not be able to cover all projects listed. One individual at the last week’s meeting said, “It’s like writing the district a blank check.”

Board members understand both sides and are listening to the residents very closely. However, they are confident that the residents would vote for the measure this coming June.

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