Vive: Altering the Way San Gabriel Valley Drinks, a Flare at a Time (Part I) 0

Vive: Altering the Way San Gabriel Valley Drinks, a Flare at a Time (Part I)
April 19, 2012(Print)

By Tiffani J. Smith

If you are looking for a place to relax, great dance music, and groundbreaking cocktails, Vive is for you.  Vive is far from just a cocktail lounge or club.  Vive is a tequila lounge and one of Downtown Pomona’s and the San Gabriel Valley’s latest innovations.  Vive brings an extra dose of mature flare to Downtown Pomona’s and SGV’s late night scene.  Sorry teens, this place is only for women twenty-one and over and men, twenty-five and older.  Similar to the demographic you would find in Sin City.

Vive is housed in a two-story building with big windows dressed with lavish gold and burgundy curtains.  The first floor of Vive is dedicated to those individuals’ who want to relax on one of Vive’s comfortable couches, enjoy a fine cocktail, great conversation, and a show.  Yes, a show! Vive’s experienced bartenders put on a flare show for patrons, every hour and a half, to view as they indulge in a cocktail.  These are not just any bartenders and cocktails but some of the San Gabriel Valley’s best.  The art of flare constitutes great skill.  Yet, the art of making a Chocolate Banana-tini or Horchata-tini takes pure perfection and tastes as such.  In addition to the innovative cocktails served, Vive serves over one hundred different kinds of tequila.

The sky seems to be the limit for Vive, please join the San Gabriel Valley Business Journal in welcoming the newest business in our community, Vive.  Come visit Vive and enjoy the flare show as well as its world renown tequila bar and groundbreaking cocktails.   Also, please stay tuned for Part II of the Vive exclusive with a flare.


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